Valentia Lee-Brotherton, Ph.D., Vice President, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Dr. Valentia Lee-Brotherton has been with Intertek Health Sciences Inc. (formerly Cantox Health Sciences Inc.) for over 20 years. She has worked with products in a range of therapeutic areas and collaborated closely with clients to move their drug development projects forward with efficiency and expediency. As a senior toxicologist, she is involved in the strategic planning, design, and implementation of product development programs for clients, including early-stage IND or CTA investigational products as well as those that are nearing registration. As an experienced writer, she is involved in the authorship and review of regulatory documents of various types, including Investigator’s Brochures, INDs, CTAs, and registration dossiers. As a regulatory scientist, she guides clients through pathways to overcome potential roadblocks and supports them through their meetings and other interactions with regulators.

Over the years, Dr. Lee-Brotherton has enjoyed long working relationships with many clients. Using a team approach, she creatively and responsively provides advice and resolves toxicology and regulatory affairs issues for clients, so that they can successfully reach their product development milestones.