Consumer awareness and concerns in relation to health, hygiene, safety, and security have increased significantly due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Intertek Cristal has recently introduced POSI-Check, a new audit solution to help in the prevention of the spread of infection. As the world recovers from COVID-19, POSI-Check guides businesses to demonstrate that they are taking the health and safety of their customers seriously. POSI-Check is industry-agnostic and can help any organization with compliance requirements and brand management moving forward.




Manufacturing Facilities

POSI-Check guides manufacturing facilities to help manage the potential spread of infection by testing workspaces, bathrooms, and other spaces for possible viruses, in addition to educating workers to prevent the spread of infection.



POSI-Check will help supermarkets prevent the spread of infection by training employees, auditing stock rooms and displays, and swab tests on public areas such as shopping carts, conveyor belts, and produce shelves.


Universities & Schools

POSI-Check can be used in schools to train administration and teachers on best practices. It also tests and audits common areas such as classrooms, bathrooms, cafeterias, and kitchens.

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