The British Quality Wild Venison (BQWV) Standard aims to increase the traceability of British Wild Venison and ensure that a set of standards are met throughout the supply chain.

The British Quality Wild Venison standard relates to venison from wild deer that are legally culled for human consumption and are considered to be wild under the applicable laws in the UK. This includes deer living in enclosed territory under conditions of freedom similar to those of wild game and without veterinary intervention. The British Quality Wild Venison standard covers England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Quality Products
To provide a recognised quality product with high standards of wild deer management and handling of culled deer, following audited supply chains.

Greater Traceability
Each step of the journey for British Quality Wild Venison, is audited and traceable, delivering market confidence.

Market Demand
To develop a robust, growing market for British Quality Wild Venison that supports wild deer management and its high quality outputs.

Consumer Confidence
Increase consumer confidence in the Wild Venison Supply Chain, increasing transparency and supporting product development.

Who can Join?
Participation in the British Quality Wild Venison is voluntary.
Membership, following audit, is open to all British wild venison;

• Producers (deer stalkers, estates, landowners) and
• Processors (AGHEs – Approved Game Handling Establishments)

Currently British Quality Wild Venison will be available in England Wales and Northern Ireland. Scottish Quality Wild Venison will continue to operate in Scotland.

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