Join us for a 4-part webinar series on power generation asset integrity management!

This webinar series provided a snapshot into the different services Intertek's Asset Integrity Management (Intertek AIM) experts can offer customers in the power generation sector. From boiler tubes to HRSGs to high energy piping, our engineers addressed the most common industry issues and explained best practices to resolve them.

Part 1:  Access the On-Demand Webinar

Boiler Tube Failure Reduction Program – Hosted by Tom Burnett

Intertek’s discussion on our Boiler Tube Failure Reduction Program covers our approach to handling boiler tube failures. Our methods and services can help power plants improve reliability and avoid costly outages.

Topics covered include:

  • Steam-cooled tubes and water-cooled tubes
  • Identifying root causes of failures
  • Visual, nondestructive testing methods
  • Implementation of corrective actions to avoid repeat failures

Part 2:  Access the On-Demand Webinar

TubeAlertSM – Hosted by Colin Campbell, P.E.

Intertek’s TubeAlert technology was developed to collect data utilizing nondestructive techniques and custom modeling. These condition assessments are then used to identify areas of concern in tubes that may lead to failures, and give plant operators the ability to determine if they need to run, repair, or replace the boiler tubes.

Topics covered during the presentation include:

  • Common superheater and reheater failures
  • Creep ruptures and their impact on temperature distribution
  • Remaining useful life calculations
  • Benefits of utilizing Intertek’s TubeAlert technology

Part 3:  Access the On-Demand Webinar

HEP Walkdowns – Hosted by Robert Gialdini, P.E.

Intertek AIM’s in-house High Energy Piping walkdown expert will discuss the program in place for helping clients successfully identify and resolve issues within their plants. Attendees will learn how to properly inspect and document walkdown findings to meet the ASME B31.1 requirement for Assessment and Documentation. 

Topics covered:

  • ASME B31.1 Requirement for Assessment and Documentation
  • Non-mandatory Appendix V Guidelines
  • High Energy Piping system walkdowns
  • What to look for and how to document the findings
  • Common support malfunctions

Part 4:  Access the On-Demand Webinar

HRSG Services – Hosted by Douglas Hilleman, P.E.

Intertek AIM has been supporting the power industry with focused state of the art inspections to support asset management and customer goals of reliability and performance since the 1980s, and we are pleased to present some highlights from our experience and new techniques for application and information on a combined-cycle plant in this presentation. 

Annual inspections of HRSGs can reveal important details about the condition of components:

  • Planned outage inspections targeting potential problem areas
  • Daily operating walkdown inspections targeting potential problem areas and actions to take
  • Early identification and countermeasures to reduce or eliminate damaging factors
  • Operating with best practices for known problems
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