Australia: Intertek Industry Services Webinar Series

Join us for a complimentary webinar series highlighting our power generation services and asset integrity management programs!

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Intertek’s Asset Integrity Management (AIM) team has been supporting the power and petrochemical industries with focused state-of-the-art inspections to support asset management and customer goals of reliability and performance since the 1980s. Our engineers will address the most common industry issues and explain best practices to resolve them.  Join us!

Note:  All webinar dates & times are listed in AEST (Australia).    


Part 1 – Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) Services

October 27, 2021 at 11:00AM AEST (Register)

Our technical expert Doug Hilleman will host this webinar presenting highlights from our experience as well as new application techniques and information on combined-cycle plants.

During the webinar Doug will also discuss how annual inspections of HRSGs can reveal important details about the condition of components:

  • Planned outage inspections targeting potential problem areas
  • Daily operating walkdown inspections targeting potential problem areas and actions to take
  • Early identification and countermeasures to reduce or eliminate damaging factors
  • Operating with best practices for known problems

Spotlighting Aware HRSG integrity management software used to track, trend, report, and collaborate on HRSG inspections, failures and repairs. Aware HRSG integrity management software lets you easily document the root cause and analyze it.

Part 2 – Intertek AwareTM Asset Performance Management (APM) Software Solutions

November 4, 2021 at 11:00AM AEST (Register)

This webinar will provide insight into the AwareTM software suite for Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions.  Aware achieves asset operational excellence through risk management, reduction of cost, and the improvement of availability and reliability.

    Part 3 – Boiler Tube Failure Reduction Program

    POSTPONED:  This session will be rescheduled.  

    Intertek’s Tom Burnett will discuss Boiler Tube Failure Reduction Programs and our approach to handling boiler tube failures. Our methods and services can help power plant owners and operators improve reliability while avoiding costly outages. Topics covered include: 

    • Steam-cooled tubes and water-cooled tubes
    • Identifying root causes of failures
    • Visual nondestructive testing methods
    • Implementation of corrective actions to avoid repeat failures

    Aware Boiler Integrity Management Software is used to avoid forced outages and improve your planned outage work. Map tube failures, repairs, thickness and oxide scale data; manage visual inspections and automate the flow of information/work with our boiler integrity management software.


    All webinars will include information on technical services available to help you assure safety and reliability through detection of any flaws or defects in products, industrial components and materials without permanently altering or damaging the items tested.  

    We encourage you to attend the live webinars, but if you are not able to attend then please register and we will send you a copy of the webinar recordings.  


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