Shaking Things Up with Vibration Testing

A 2-part Webinar Series

Vibration testing is an integral part to many testing programs and part of the development program on almost everything from A(utomobiles) to Z(ippers)

View our two-part webinar series covering not only what you will need to know about vibration testing, but how to build a fixture so that you can avoid costly pitfalls! Both on-demand webinars are complimentary, and you can view either session, or both!

Let Intertek walk you through the world of vibration testing and help bring clarity to what can be a confusing subject.

Session 1: What do I Need to Know to Pull Off a Vibration Test?

In the first session, we give an overview of vibration fundamentals, as well as some tips and tricks to ensure success with the program.

Among the number of topics covered in this on-demand webinar, include:

  • Key elements of vibration
  • Understanding vibration as a tool to achieve your information goal
  • What you need to know to create a useful test
  • What information you will need to provide for an effective request for quote
  • And more…

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Session 2: Fixturing for Vibration – Get it Right the First Time!

Now that you have an overview of vibration testing, it’s time to tackle the fixturing for the samples. While Intertek does offer fixture building, many companies choose to build their own, often with unintended issues that can affect the outcome of the testing! This complimentary on-demand webinar expands into how you can get your fixturing right the first time, and avoid costly pitfalls in time and money.

Among the areas discussed, include:

  • What is transmissibility
  • Understanding fixture stiffness
  • How to measure transmissibility and resonance
  • Good practices for an effective test
  • And more…

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