Effective January 1, 2016

Standard Information


Standard Number:
UL 962
Standard Name:
Household and Commercial Furnishings
Standard Edition and Issue Date:
4th Edition Dated November 7, 2014
Date of Previous Revisions to Standard:
3rd Edition Revised August 5, 2013
Effective Date of New/Revised Requirements

Effective Date (see Schedule below): January 1, 2016

Impact, Overview, Fees and Action Required

Impact Statement: A review of all Listing Reports is necessary to determine which products comply with new/revised requirements and which products will require re-evaluation. NOTE: Effective immediately, this revised standard will be exclusively used for evaluation of new products unless the Applicant requests in writing that current requirements be used along with their understanding that their listings will be withdrawn on Effective Date noted above, unless the product is found to comply with new/revised requirements.

Overview of Changes: New section added covering Indirectly Heated and Cooled Bed Systems. Specific details of new/revised requirements are found in table below.

Schedule: So that shipping of products with Listing Marks will not be interrupted, an approximate schedule has been established to ensure Listing Reports are found compliant by Effective Date:

  • May 4, 2015 = 8 Month Report Review – Intertek will review all Reports. Update if compliance is verified or issue Findings Letter/Quote for any re-evaluations needed
  • July 2, 2015 = 6 Month Quote Cut-off – Quotes returned for necessary re-evaluations
  • December 1, 2015 = 30 Day Warning – Client advised of all non-compliant Reports to be Suspended
  • January 1, 2016 = Effective Date – ATM Suspended for all non-compliant Reports

Fees: An initial review of Listing Report (s) will be covered by a direct billing project and will be invoiced at not more than $1000 per report.

Client Action Required:

Information - To assist our Engineer with review of your Listing Reports, please submit technical information in response to the new/revised paragraphs noted in the attached or explain why these new/revised requirements do not apply to your product (s).

Current Listings Not Active? – Please immediately identify any current Listing Reports or products that are no longer active and should be removed from our records. We will do this at no charge as long as Intertek is notified in writing prior to the review of your reports.

Description of New/Revised Technical Requirements

New section added;

Indirectly Heated and Cooled Bed Systems

This new section includes new construction requirements, performance test requirements, markings, and instructions for Indirectly Heated and Cooled Bed Systems (see standard for section details).


SF1.1 The requirements of this supplement address indirectly heated mattresses, mattress pads, futons or similar sleep surfaces.

SF1.2 The requirements of this supplement also address indirectly cooled mattresses, mattress pads, futons or similar sleep surfaces by use of a Thermoelectric Cooling device.
10.2InfoMechanical enclosures and guards – Mechanical considerations

New clause added;

When unintentional operation of a switching device results in a risk of injury to persons, the actuator of the switch shall be located or guarded so that such unintentional operation does not occur. A switch that is located or guarded so that it cannot be turned on by moving a 2 inch (51 mm) diameter sphere at any angle to the switch or actuator complies with this requirement.

Note; The requirement against inadvertent operation of actuators was present in clause 66A.1(e) of the 3rd edition which covers Commercial Furnishings and Displays only. This requirement should be reviewed for all products other than commercial furnishings and displays.
36InfoStructural Test Requirements for Furnishings
Table 36.1 Table 36.1 (Horizontal surface loading requirements) was added to the 4th edition of the standard to capture most of the requirements from section 31.3 of the 3rd edition with the addition of the new loading requirement for work surfaces (of height adjustable tables, for example) of 4.7 lbs/in. of width or 200 lbs, whichever is greater

Note; this requirement should be reviewed for height-adjustable tables, and testing will need to be performed if a max load rating is not referenced in the Certification Report.
52.2InfoMotor-operated furnishing
52.2.3 (b) 4th Ed.
39.2.3 (c) 3rd Ed.

Additions to existing requirements are underlined and deletions are shown lined out below.

For the Temperature Test, a load is to be placed on the furnishing to simulate the intended use as follows:

b) For a furnishing that is not intended to operate continuously, the furnishing shall be cycled until maximum temperatures are obtained in accordance with one of the following:

    1) The minimum duty cycle sequence shall be nine complete cycles of adjustment of the furnishing through its complete range of motion are to be performed, without pause between cycles, except that a 5-minute period is to be interposed between the third and fourth cycle and between the sixth and seventh cycles. During the 5-minute interval the motor is to be running, with the furnishing not operating, when allowed by the construction. Otherwise, the motor is to be de-energized. A temperature is determined to be maximum when the test has been running for at least 4 hours, and three successive readings, taken at 1-minute intervals, are within 1.8°F (1°C) of one another and are not still rising. When the speed of operation of the furnishing is controllable, the test is to be performed at such speed that maximum heating results. A furnishing that is capable of more than one mode of motion is to be tested in each mode for the nine complete cycles; or

    2) When the operation instructions specify a different cycle and endurance sequence than “1² the operation sequence shall follow the sequence specified in the instructions. The operation instructions shall specify a duty cycle that is reasonable for the application of the product. Consideration shall be given to the intended use environment such as household retail or commercial use and also the specific function of the product.

    Note: this requirement should be reviewed for height-adjustable tables, and testing will need to be performed if it cannot be determined that the original temperature testing was performed with a load equal to 4.7 lb/inch of width or 200 lbs, whichever is higher, as noted in Table 36.1 of UL 962, 4th Edition for functional loading requirements

CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: This Table and column "Verdict" can be used in determining how your current or future production is or will be in compliance with new/revised requirements.

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