Effective August 1, 2017

Standard Information
Standard Number:
ANSI Z21.58 / CSA 1.6
Standard Name:
Outdoor Cooking Gas Appliances
Standard Edition and Issue Date:
4th Edition Dated July 1, 2015
Date of Previous Revisions to Standard:
3rd Edition Revised June 1, 2012
Effective Date of New/Revised Requirements

Effective Date (see Schedule below): August 1, 2017

Impact, Overview, Fees and Action Required

Impact Statement: A review of all Listing Reports is necessary to determine which products comply with new/revised requirements and which products will require re-evaluation. NOTE: Effective immediately, this revised standard will be exclusively used for evaluation of new products unless the Applicant requests in writing that current requirements be used along with their understanding that their listings will be withdrawn on Effective Date noted above, unless the product is found to comply with new/revised requirements.

Overview of Changes: The changes with respect to the previous edition include additional oven requirements. Specific details of new/revised requirements are found in table below.

If the applicable requirements noted in the table are not described in your report(s), these requirements will need to be confirmed as met and added to your report(s) such as markings, instructions, test results, etc. (as required).

Schedule: So that shipping of products with Listing Marks will not be interrupted, an approximate schedule has been established to ensure Listing Reports are found compliant by Effective Date:

  • December 1, 2016 = 8 Month Report Review – Intertek will review all Reports. Update if compliance is verified or issue Findings Letter/Quote for any re-evaluations needed
  • February 1, 2017 = 6 Month Quote Cut-off – Quotes returned for necessary re-evaluations
  • August 1, 2017 = Effective Date – ATM Suspended for all non-compliant Reports

Fees: An initial review of Listing Report (s) will be covered by a direct billing project and will be invoiced at not more than $1000 per report.

Client Action Required:

Information – To assist our Engineer with review of your Listing Reports, please submit technical information in response to the new/revised paragraphs noted in the attached or explain why these new/revised requirements do not apply to your product (s).

Current Listings Not Active? – Please immediately identify any current Listing Reports or products that are no longer active and should be removed from our records. We will do this at no charge as long as Intertek is notified in writing prior to the review of your reports.

Description of New/Revised Technical Requirements
1.4 & 1.5InfoExpand the scope of the standard to include ovens with piloted ignition systems and of the non-self-cleaning type.
4.1.24 New clause added;

Ovens incorporated as part of an outdoor cooking gas appliance shall be provided with means for attaching the oven section to the structure of the appliance.
4.7.7InfoAllow the use of an “O” to replace the word “OFF” when identifying the off position of a manual gas valve.
4.10 New section added;

Add thermostat requirements for appliances incorporating an oven section.
4.14.12 4.14.13 4.15 New clauses/section added;

Add requirements for pilot burner ignition systems used inside an oven.
4.19 New section added;

Add requirements for oven racks.
4.20 New section added;

Add requirements for opening in oven bottoms.
4.25.2-f 4.25.6 New sub-clause (f) and clause 4.25.6 added;

Add requirements for the appliance operating manual to address appliances incorporating an oven section.
4.26.7 New clause added;

Add tip warning markings for appliances incorporating an oven section.
4.26.8 Additions to existing requirements are underlined and deletions are shown lined out below.

Revisions to the existing LP pressure regulator outlet pressure caution marking.

Outdoor cooking gas appliances for connection to a self-contained LP gas supply system shall bear the following marking on Class IIIA marking material:

a) For outdoor cooking gas appliances intended for operation at gas pressure not exceeding 11 in wc (2.74 kPa):
“CAUTION: Use only the gas pressure regulator supplied with this appliance. This regulator is set for an outlet pressure of iwc.” (The outlet pressure specified by the manufacturer.)_____ in wc (_____ kPa).”*

b) For outdoor cooking gas appliances intended for operation at gas pressure in excess of 11 in wc (2.74 kPa) but not greater than 5 psi (34.5 kPa):
“CAUTION: Use only the gas pressure regulator supplied with this appliance. This regulator is set for an outlet pressure of iwc ( psi),_____ in wc (_____ kPa).”†

* The outlet pressure specified by the manufacturer. The abbreviation “in wc” may be replaced by the words “inches of water column.” †
The outlet pressure specified by the manufacturer shall be shown both in inches water column and in psi
5.3.6 Added testing requirement to verify the minimum burner input rating specified by the appliance manufacturer. Additions to existing requirements are underlined below.

Burners shall be adjusted to their Btu rating at normal test pressure unless otherwise specified herein. After the outdoor cooking gas appliance has been operated for 5 minutes, starting with all parts at room temperature, the burner rating shall be within ±5 percent of the capacities specified in Clause 5.4.
The combined rate of all burners, capable of simultaneous operation, shall be within ±15 percent. Primary air shall be adjusted to give a good flame and neither burner rating nor primary air adjustments shall be changed during a series of tests with any one test gas.

After the rating has been established at 5 minutes with the burner valve(s) in the full open position the burner(s) shall continue in operation until a total elapsed time of 15 minutes has been reached. The valve(s) shall then be set to the minimum dial position with no adjustments to the inlet test pressure. The minimum burner rating for the purpose of testing to Clause 5.6.4 and Clause 5.21 shall be determined and shall be within ± 10 percent of the manufacturer's specified minimum rating.
5.5.1e&f Added testing requirements to measure the CO emissions from an appliance incorporating an oven section.
5.6.4 Revised oven door outage test. Additions to existing requirements are underlined below.

When operated at normal test pressure, burner flames shall not be extinguished by “snapping” open or quickly closing any door or cover.

Method of Test
These tests shall be conducted with the gas rate to the main burner(s) adjusted at normal test pressure. On outdoor cooking gas appliances for use with natural, manufactured and mixed gases, or natural and mixed gases, these tests need be conducted with Test Gas A only.

For broilers having a cover or hood intended to be closed when the outdoor cooking gas appliance is operated, the top cover(s) or hood(s) shall be allowed to drop shut from a position 6 in (152 mm) above the closed position. This action shall be repeated 5 times, once every 30 seconds, with (a) the outdoor cooking gas appliance at room temperature and the main burner control valve(s) full open, and (b) the outdoor cooking gas appliance preheated per the manufacturer's instructions and repeated with the valve(s) set at the lowest stop position.

For ovens used on outdoor cooking gas appliances, the oven door shall be snapped open and quickly closed five (5) times with the oven burner(s) in operation and any other cooking section that is deemed by the testing agency to be impacted by this test in operation. This test shall be conducted with the oven burner(s) at room temperature and after 15-minutes of operation. Flames on the oven or any other cooking section burner shall not flashback or be extinguished as a result of this test.

For other broiler configurations, or for other door or cover arrangements, the Method of Test shall be left to the discretion of the testing agency. For units with a lid that is not attached, the drop test is not required.
5.6.11 New clause added;

Add a test to evaluate flame escaping through holes in the oven bottom.
5.19.5 5.19.6 New clauses added;

Added Oven/enclosed broiler door loading test.
5.20 New clause added;

Add a burn hazard potential test for the exterior surfaces of an appliance incorporating an oven section
5.21 Modify the existing Handle and Knob temperature test to more accurately reflect the manner in which the appliance is used.

CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: This Table and column "Verdict" can be used in determining how your current or future production is or will be in compliance with new/revised requirements.

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