Effective April 1, 2017

Standard Information
Standard Number:
ANSI Z21.10.3 / CSA 4.3
Standard Name:
Gas-fired water heaters, volume III, storage water heaters with input ratings above 75,000 Btu per hour, circulating and instantaneous
Standard Edition and Issue Date:
7th Edition Dated November 1, 2015
Date of Previous Revisions to Standard:
6th Edition Dated August 1, 2014
Effective Date of New/Revised Requirements

Effective Date (see Schedule below): April 1, 2017

Impact, Overview, Fees and Action Required

Impact Statement: A review of all Listing Reports is necessary to determine which products comply with new/revised requirements and which products will require re-evaluation. NOTE: Effective immediately, this revised standard will be exclusively used for evaluation of new products unless the Applicant requests in writing that current requirements be used along with their understanding that their listings will be withdrawn on Effective Date noted above, unless the product is found to comply with new/revised requirements.

Overview of Changes: The changes with respect to the previous revision include additional requirements for Category II, III and IV water heaters, and particular types of water heaters. Specific details of new/revised requirements are found in table below.

If the applicable requirements noted in the table are not described in your report(s), these requirements will need to be confirmed as met and added to your report(s) such as markings, instructions, test results, etc. (as required).

Schedule: So that shipping of products with Listing Marks will not be interrupted, an approximate schedule has been established to ensure Listing Reports are found compliant by Effective Date:

  • August 1, 2016 = 8 Month Report Review – Intertek will review all Reports. Update if compliance is verified or issue Findings Letter/Quote for any re-evaluations needed
  • October 3, 2016 = 6 Month Quote Cut-off – Quotes returned for necessary re-evaluations
  • April 1, 2017 = Effective Date – ATM Suspended for all non-compliant Reports

Fees: An initial review of Listing Report (s) will be covered by a direct billing project and will be invoiced at not more than $1000 per report.

Client Action Required:

Information – To assist our Engineer with review of your Listing Reports, please submit technical information in response to the new/revised paragraphs noted in the attached or explain why these new/revised requirements do not apply to your product (s).

Current Listings Not Active? – Please immediately identify any current Listing Reports or products that are no longer active and should be removed from our records. We will do this at no charge as long as Intertek is notified in writing prior to the review of your reports.

Description of New/Revised Technical Requirements
4.1.25 New clause added;

Added requirement to provide means to vent gases to the outdoors for Category II, III, IV, and direct vent water heaters.
4.22 New clause added;

Added to include condensate disposal requirements for Category II and IV water heaters.
4.30.2-b ix, xx and xxi Added new instruction manual requirements for Category II, III and IV water heaters
4.31.3-u Added new marking requirements on rating plate for Category II, III and IV water heaters.
4.31.12-j Added new marking requirements for Type B vent water heaters.
4.31.32 New clause added;

Added new marking requirements for Category II, III and IV water heaters.
5.5 New clause added;

Added a category determination test.

The provisions of Clause 5.5 do not apply to the following:
• Direct vent water heaters
• Water heaters for installation in manufactured homes (mobile homes)
• Water heaters for installation in recreational vehicles
• Water heaters for outdoor installation
5.28 New clause added;

Added test clause titled, “Capacities of tube type water heater” to determine the capacity of tube type water heaters to identify those models subject to a standby loss requirement.
5.29.2 Revised the hydrostatic pressure test to clarify that only the heat exchanger of a non-tank type water heater is hydrostatically tested.
5.32 New clause added;

Added a vent system leakage test for Category II, III, or IV water heaters
E.3 New section added;

Added clause titled, Method of test for measuring standby loss for tube type instantaneous water heaters with 10 or greater gallons of storage, because the current test for measuring standby loss is not applicable for gas-fired instantaneous water heaters, which is subject to US Federal maximum standby loss requirements.

CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: This Table and column "Verdict" can be used in determining how your current or future production is or will be in compliance with new/revised requirements.

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