Sustainability, Traceability, and Transparency are not just buzzwords in the apparel and toys industries. They are the need of the hour.  As the world sets the stage for a revolution in product traceability and sustainability, our white paper, "Digital product passports for sustainability, traceability and transparency in apparel and toys industries” helps you dive deep into the dynamic regulatory landscapes in the EU and the US for sustainability and transparency and focuses on solving them through digital product passports.

In this white paper presented by Ayyappan AKS, Global Technical Director, Global Softlines, we focus on

  • Key regulatory directives - EU Ecodesign for Sustainability Product Regulation (ESPR), France’s Anti-Waste and Circular Economy (AGEC) law, and the EU Circular Economy framework.
  • Digital product passport solutions for Apparel and Toys.
  • Requirements for implementing Digital Product Passports.
  • Regulatory timelines
  • Intertek’s Digital product passport solutions

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