Most people think that “new car smell” is a good thing, but in reality those odors inside the vehicle cabin can potentially be quite harmful to human health. Those are VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, and they can originate from a wide variety of sources – both synthetic and natural.

Over the past two decades there has been an increasing awareness by consumers of the negative health effects of VOCs and automakers are making it a priority to determine what materials are emitting VOCs, what type they are, and how to reduce them.

In this short, on-demand webinar Intertek experts cover a variety of important VOC topics, including:

  • What are VOCs? Where can they be found inside a vehicle cabin?
  • Overview of the different types of VOC testing, including Tedlar Bags, Microchambers, Bottle Testing, Direct Desorption, Heated Cubic Meter and Headspace
  • Which OEMs prefer which testing method?
  • Best practices for test sample submission
  • And more!

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