Vol. 1293 | 10 Mar 2022

The new info-sorting signage, accompanied by the Triman, was validated on February 1, 2022.

The sorting information signage required by the Triman will become mandatory on all textile products, household linens and shoes placed on the French market from February 1, 2023.

This new signage is part of the deployment of law n° 2020-105 of February 10, 2020, relating to the fight against waste and the circular economy, which gives a big boost to the ecological transition.

Thus, marketers of textile articles have about one year to comply with the law when they sell their stock in France.

To support the implementation of this new Info-Tri and Triman signage, Refashion, the eco-organization of the textiles, household linens and shoes (TCL) sector, provides an FAQ and a practical guide.

This guide was created to meet consumers' need for information and allows market players to comply with the new regulatory requirements (article 17 of the AGEC law and decree No. 2021-835 of June 29, 2021). The guide indicates what, how, when, and where to affix this signage.

Download the Refashion Info-Sorting Guide: https://refashion.fr/pro/fr/elements-graphiques


There are 2 elements that must appear and be inseparable:

  • Triman signage
  • Information that details the procedures for sorting or bringing in waste from the product (info-sorting)

This information should be made available on the product, its packaging, or failing that, in the other documents supplied with the product (such as a notice or accompanying instructions).

These 2 elements can appear on different supports: the composition label, the temporary label, on the product by printing or embroidery system, on the packaging in which the product is sold to the consumer (rider, box, pouch, etc.), or even as a sticker.

If you have any questions, please contact Zineb Danon (zineb.danon@intertek.com) or Michael Redshaw (michael.redshaw@intertek.com).


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