Vol. 1307 | 08 Jun 2022

On Mar 15, 2022, the Bureau of Standard, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) issued notice to require Children’s Raincoats to include a QR code for a Commodity Inspection Mark as an additional labeling requirement, which will enable consumers to assess the compliance information of the product by simply scanning the QR code.

Product Scope:

Description of Goods

Inspection Standards

C.C.C. Code
(first 6 digits are HS code)

Children’s Raincoats (Inspection scope confined to raincoats labeled with "children's raincoat" or "suitable height between 70cm and 150cm", waterproof textiles not included.)

1. CNS 15503

2. CNS 15291

3. Commodity Labeling Act






QR Code labeling Requirements:

It shall apply to the product itself, however, if the product is too small or for other specific causes to accommodate this mark, it shall be affixed in accordance with the following methods:

  1. If the product is packaged, it shall be applied to its smallest package
  2. If the product is not packaged, or if it is not appropriate to apply this mark to the packaging, the mark may be attached to the product by hangtags
  3. If applying the mark to the packaging or by hangtags is not appropriate, the mark shall be put inside the packaging
  4. The mark may be applied to a commodity by other methods approved by BSMI

Example of QR Code

Effective Date: the QR code shall be included in the Commodity Inspection Mark for children’s raincoats beginning 15 September 2022.

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