Vol. 1328 | 19 Oct 2022

On Sep 20, 2022, administrative measures for trade commodities were declared by Order No. 259 of the General Administration of Customs. The People's Republic of China has implemented administrative measures with provisions from the “Import and Export Commodity Inspection Law of the People's Republic of China” to standardize the inspection and acceptance of commodities. These measurements clarify eligibility factors such as requirements for acceptance agencies, and procedures for customs supervision and management.

The term “acceptance” means that in the inspection of import and export commodities, the customs will use inspection results of the acceptance agency as the basis for its conformity assessment. Inspection agencies registered in the territory of China and abroad are eligible to become acceptance agencies. With each batch of commodities to be inspected, an announcement of the scope, its requirements, and list of acceptance agencies will be given.

Compared to spot checks using the requirements of the previous customs codes, the new policy grants importers and exporters the right to make their own choices and option to conduct pre-tests. When the customs declaration is made, merchants can quickly clear customs with the pre-inspection report. It is really good news for international retailers.

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