Vol. 1254 | 29 Jun 2021

On June 8, 2021, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed into law an amendment to the Oregon Revised Statute, ORS 646A.504, to prohibit the sale and use of crib bumpers in the state. The rule went into effect immediately upon its passage on June 8, 2021.

Crib bumpers are infant bedding accessories that attach to the insides of cribs to form a barrier between the crib sides and the occupant. They are intended to function as safeguards to prevent the child’s limbs from becoming entrapped between the crib slats or children bumping up against the crib sides. Traditionally, crib bumpers consist of one or more rectangular quilted panels, constructed of fabric, with a filling material and attached to crib sides by means of ties or other attachment means. Besides these, other bumper designs include vertical bumpers or liners, mesh liners and braided bumpers.

As defined in the bill, crib bumpers are “a pad, other than a mesh liner, that rests directly above the mattress in a crib, or that runs along the surface area or any of the interior sides of the crib.”

Key aspects of the amendment:

  • Prohibits crib bumper pads to be sold separately as well as those included with cribs as an accessory.
  • Prohibits the manufacture, sale, leasing, subletting or placing into the stream of commerce any crib bumper pads or crib equipped with crib bumper pads.
  • Allows exceptions for cases where a medical professional determines that using a crib bumper pad is medically necessary for an infant.

The final text of the Oregon bill may be viewed at: HB3379 (state.or.us)

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