Vol. 1159 | 28 May 2020

On May 8, 2020, the China State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) published its spot-check plan for 2020. The SAMR is China’s governmental authority that undertakes a broad range of market supervision responsibilities, including registration of companies doing business in the China market, enforcement of compliance with market regulations, direct selling, anti-monopoly, intellectual property, the supervision of industrial products, food safety, special equipment safety, standards, testing, certification, and accreditation. The SAMR is responsible for the oversight on manufacturer and market by spot checks.

The spot check generally focus on the health and safety. This year’s spot check plan includes 131 types of products, which includes 15 types of daily use and textile products, 30 types of electrical/electronic products, 16 types of light industry products, 19 types of construction and decoration materials,  2 types of agricultural production materials, 20 kind of machinery and security products, 7 types of electrical material products, and 22 types of food related products.

The Spot-check plan includes following softlines and hardlines products:

  1. Children’s products (8 types): infant and children’s clothing, restraint systems for children in motor vehicles, plastic toys, strollers, children’s footwear, toys (except plastic toys), sports helmets, and student stationery.
  2. Textiles (5 types): Water-resistant outdoor jackets, bedding, leather clothing, casual wear, down clothing.
  3. Handbag and footwear (2 types): Leather shoes, travel bags.

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