Vol. 1164 | 16 Jun 2020

The Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA) of China has published Notice No. 14 of 2020 to approve the General Implementation Rules for China Compulsory Certification (CCC) of Children’s Vehicles (CNCA-C22-01:2020) and Toys (CNCA-C22-02:2020). The Rules shall be implemented from 1 July 2020. Certificates issued before 1 July 2020 will still be valid until their expiry date.

The previous Rule, CNCA Notice No. 40 of 2010, together with the following Rules for toy safety, will be abolished:

  1. CNCA-13C-068:2010 Implementation rules for mandatory certification of children’s vehicles
  2. CNCA-13C-069:2010 Implementation rules for mandatory certification of electric toys
  3. CNCA-13C-070:2010 Implementation rules for mandatory certification of plastic toys
  4. CNCA-13C-071:2010 Implementation rules for mandatory certification of metal toys
  5. CNCA-13C-072:2010 Implementation rules for mandatory certification of projectile toys
  6. CNCA-13C-073:2010 Implementation rules for mandatory certification of dolls

Following are the highlights of the new Rules:

  1. Scope
    1. CNCA-C22-01:2020 shall apply to the following children’s vehicles:
      1. Children’s bicycles;
      2. Children’s tricycles;
      3. Wheeled child conveyances;
      4. Baby walker
    2. CNCA-C22-02:2020 shall apply to the following toys intended for children under 14 years:
      1. Electric toy;
      2. Plastic toy including dolls, plastic projectile toy and play mat;
      3. Metal toy including metal projectile toy;
      4. Ride-on toy
  2. Certification criteria
    The listed toys and children’s vehicles shall comply with the following standards (the latest version shall be applied unless specified by the CNCA):

    Standards for Mandatory Certification of Toys and Children Vehicles



    Children’s Vehicles

    GB 14746 Safety requirements for bicycles for young children

    GB 14747 Safety requirements for children’s tricycles

    GB 14748 Safety requirements for wheeled child conveyances

    GB 14749 Safety requirements for baby walking frames


    GB 6675.1 Toy Safety Part 1 - Basic Code

    GB 6675.2 Toy Safety Part 2 - Mechanical and Physical Properties

    GB 6675.3 Toy Safety Part 3 - Flammability

    GB 6675.4 Toy Safety Part 4 - Migration of certain elements

    GB 19865 Electric toys - Safety

    (Applicable to electric toys and powered ride-on toys. Testing requirements in Chapter 20 - Radiation, Toxicity, and Similar Hazards are exempted, but manufacturers shall ensure their products are free from radiation and other hazards mentioned in that Chapter by using suitable design, component parts and raw materials.)

  3. Certification modules
    1. The certification modules are shown as follows:


      Certification modules


      Type test + Post-certification supervision

      Children’s Vehicles

      Type test + Enterprise quality assurance capabilities and product consistency checks (Initial factory inspection) + Post-certification supervision

    2. “Post-certification supervision” means the supervision of certified products and their production enterprises organized by the certification body. It consists of one or more of the following types of inspection: follow-up inspection after certification, sampling test or inspection at the production site, market sampling test or inspection.
    3. Batch-approved products can be exempted from post-certification supervision, enterprise quality assurance capabilities and/or product consistency checks, depending on the certification criteria of the certification body.
    4. The CCC certificate shall be valid for 5 years.
  4. CCC mark
    1. Certified toys and children’s vehicles shall be labelled with the following CCC mark:
    2. The CCC mark shall be applied on the product or on the product label. If it is not possible to apply the CCC mark on the product, it shall be applied on the individual product packaging.

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