Vol. 1139 | 19 Mar 2020

The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) of Taiwan has approved the new certification requirements for soft carriers.

Soft carriers shall be tested according to CNS 16006-2:2017 Child use and care articles - Baby carriers - Part 2: Soft carriers.

For conformity assessment, products shall follow either:

  1. Batch-by-Batch Inspection (Type Approval); or
  2. Registration of Product Certification (RPC) Scheme, which involves:
    1. Product type-test by BSMI or BSMI-designated laboratories;
    2. Product registration at BSMI; and
    3. Declaration of Conformity issued by the manufacturer or importer

The BSMI will accept certification applications from 1 July 2020. Both domestic and imported products to be marketed in Taiwan shall comply with the above requirements from 1 January 2021.

For additional information please contact:

Laureen Leung
+852 3760 6361


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