Vol. 1141 | 19 Mar 2020

On 21 February 2020, a new standard – EN IEC 62115:2020+A11:2020 for the Safety of Electric Toys – was published by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC). Please note that this standard has not been harmonized yet and it will be offered for citation in the EU Official Journal. Until harmonization (and during the expected transition period afterwards) the current version will continue to provide presumption of conformity with the electrical requirements of the EU Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC (Toy Safety Directive).

The new standard supports the Toy Safety Directive and the scope aligns with the Toy Safety Directive.

Some of the main changes outlined in the new standard are as follows:

  • Labelling requirements are updated, including the warnings for Battery Chargers, Coin and Button Batteries, and the labelling for Transformers used in Toys
  • Electrical strength tests under humid conditions are updated
  • In the mechanical strength tests, the spring hammer impact force is reduced from 0.7 J to 0.5 J, and the number of impacts is reduced from 6 blows to 3 blows
  • Tests for the connection to USB ports are added
  • Tests for Small Batteries are added
  • Requirements for Light-emitting Toys, especially LEDs, have been expanded
  • Requirements for Remote Controls for Electric Ride-on Toys have been newly added

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