Vol. 1147 | 10 Apr 2020

To address the hazards like alimentary tract injuries caused to Canadians from ingesting food prepared on a barbecue grill previously cleaned by a barbecue grill brush, Health Canada and the Retail Council of Canada commissioned the CSA Group and Standards Council of Canada to develop a new voluntary safety standard to establish safety requirements for metal bristle barbecue brushes.

The CSA Z630:19 standard for Barbecue Grill Brushes defines, provides test methods, sets safety and labeling for barbecue grill brushes with metal bristles and replacement heads. A grill brush as defined in the standard is “a hand-held tool used to clean the cooking surface of a barbecue grill” and the standard further defines continuous-coil grill brushes and twisted bristle grill brushes.

The standard specifies requirements for:

  • Wire bristle tuft attachment strength
  • Wire bristle durability
  • Replacement heads
  • Permanent on-product warning requirements and
  • Requirements for instructional literature

Although the CSA Z630:19 Standard for Barbecue Grill Brushes is a voluntary standard, Health Canada continues to monitor incidents and injuries due to metal barbecue grill brushes.

The CSA standard can be viewed at: https://community.csagroup.org/docs/DOC-124771

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