Vol. 1196 | 06 Nov 2020

The Standardization Administration of China has published GB 38995-2020 for infant feeding bottles and teats. The standard will take effect on 1 November 2021.

The standard will apply to infant feeding bottles, teats and drinking accessories made of plastic, glass, metal, ceramic, silicone rubber, and rubber. However, it will not apply to feeding bottles and teats for medical use, and pacifiers.

The standard specifies a range of physical and mechanical performance requirements and design requirements, as well as labelling requirements. An overview of these requirements is outlined below:

Physical and mechanical requirements

  1. No foreign matter, gaps, holes and deformation that interfere the usage
  2. No sharp points and sharp edges
  3. Graduations and decorative prints meeting GB/T 9286 Paints and varnishes - Cross cut test for films
  4. Volumetric labelling: graduations, nominal capacity, unit of measurement and volumetric accuracy
  5. No small parts other than gravity balls and pinhole needles (safety warnings required for the two components)
  6. Sealing disc ≥ 35 mm
  7. Resistance to tearing
  8. Proper fitting of components
  9. Resistance to boiling water
  10. Thermal shock
  11. Sealing performance
  12. Translucence property of feeding bottles
  13. Drop resistance
  14. Requirements for feeding teats and drinking accessories: protrusion, length, resistance to tearing and flexibility
  15. Resistance to compressive deformation for plastic bottles
  16. Water resistance, internal stress, mechanical shock for glass bottles

Labelling requirements

The following information shall be labelled on the product or packaging. Alternatively, details other than product information can be included in an attached document.

  1. Product information
  2. Type of material used for each bottle/teat component
  3. Instructions for use
  4. Warnings

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