Vol. 1060 | 04 Mar 2019

On February 1, 2019, the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) released a new version of the industry standard for storage units, ANSI/BIFMA X 5.9-2019.

The following are the revisions to the amendment as compared to ANSI/BIFMA X 5.9-2012 version:

  • The reference to X5.3 Vertical Files – Tests removed. Vertical files are applicable in X5.9.
  • Unit strength test
    • Added applicability notes for distributed functional load tests and distributed proof load tests
  • Vertical load durability tests
    • Modified and clarified test set ups. Allowed the use of bag or force.
  • Stability tests
    • Added the exempt for storage units less than 450mm in height
    • For horizontal force stability test, changed the height of storage units without extendible elements to 762mm and the load in the lowest inside surface to 105kg/m2  
    • Added limitation of 965mm height for stability test for pedestals/storage units with seat surface
  • Movement durability test for mobile storage units
    • Added tolerance for obstacle thickness
    • Changed cycle rate
    • Added direction for caster/ glide combinations
  • Extendible element cycle tests
    • Added the exempt for extendible elements with load capacity of less than 7 kg and do not have mechanical suspensions
    • Changed wide pulls at 457 mm
    • Removed horizontal cycle test for television/video display terminal extendible elements that swivel

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