Vol. 1114 | 14 Nov 2019

The Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) has issued the standard for plastic products (Annex 24) under the “Household Goods Subject to Safety Standards.” The standard shall be effective from 22 October 2020.

This standard shall apply to plastic products made of synthetic resins used in daily life for adults that may come into direct contact with skin. However, products covered by the following regulations shall be excluded:

  1. Food Sanitation Act
  2. Other standards under the Electrical Appliances and Household Goods Safety Management Act
  3. Special Act on Safety of Children’s Products

Types of products covered by the standard are:

  1. Mats: Yoga mats, floor mats, kitchen mats, etc.
  2. Footwear made of plastic: Slippers, bathing shoes, insoles, etc.
  3. Others: Cell phone cases, gym balls, earphones (including headphones, headsets, etc., that come into direct contact with ears), toilet seats, etc.

Mechanical and Physical Requirements

  1. The shape shall be balanced, with no deformation such as distortion and twisting.
  2. The color shall be clear and uniform without any color spots.
  3. There shall be no visible scratches or scars.
  4. Printing and labelling shall be clear.
  5. The finishing shall be good without any roughness or dust.
  6. There shall be no breakdown and residue.

Chemical Requirements

Hazardous Substances


Test Method

Contents of toxic elements

Total content of lead (Pb)

≤ 300 mg/kg

Common safety standards for children’s products

(latest edition)

≤ 90 mg/kg

(for paint and surface coating)

Total content of cadmium (Cd)

≤ 75 mg/kg

Total content of phthalate plasticizer


Total ≤ 0.1%



Labelling Requirements
The following items shall be labelled on each product or minimum unit packaging indelibly and visibly:

  1. Model
  2. Material
  3. Dimension (if applicable)
  4. Manufacturing year and month
  5. Manufacturer’s name
  6. Importer’s name
  7. Address and telephone number of domestic manufacturer or importer
  8. Country of manufacture
  9. Precautions for use (can be labelled in instruction manual)

For additional information please contact:

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