Vol. 1079 | 06 May 2019

Although EN 71-3 was only amended less than a year ago and EN 71-3:2013+A3:2018 became the harmonised standard in February this year, a new version of the standard has recently been published. However, the reference to this new standard has not yet been published in the Official Journal of the European Union and so the A3 amendment remains the harmonised standard.

Main changes include:

  • New terms and definitions
  • New limit for Chromium (VI) for category III to reflect Commission Directive (EU) 2018/725
  • Sample preparation has been revised
  • Isooctane replaces n-heptane for dewaxing
  • More details of method for adjusting pH and checking after migration step
  • Rate of agitation is now specified
  • Calculations, e.g., for Chromium III have been revised
  • Method performance data have been included based on interlaboratory studies
  • Revised test method for Chromium VI
  • Revised test method for organic tin
  • DMT has been added to the list of organotin compounds

As can be seen, many of the changes concern the practical methodology and are aimed at improving the performance of the method in terms of repeatability and reproducibility.

The new limit for Chromium VI in category III materials (0.053 mg/kg from the current 0.2 mg/kg) takes effect from 18 Nov 2019.

For additional information please contact:

Philip Bullock
Technical Manager - Hardlines
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