Vol. 1066 | 22 Mar 2019

The Commonwealth of Australia has published Consumer Goods (Disposable Cigarette Lighters) Safety Standard 2019. This safety standard set out specified requirements for disposable cigarette lighters and will be effective on 13 February 2019. The previous safety regulation Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard) (Disposable Cigarette Lighters) Regulations 1997 will be repealed on 13 February 2020.

The mandatory standard allows compliance with either of the below:

  • ASTM F400:2010 Standard Consumer Safety Specifications for Lighters, or
  • EN 13869:2016 Lighters – Child Safety Requirements for Lighters - Safety Requirements and Test Methods*
    (* the disposable cigarette lighter designed to be refillable with fuel shall comply the clause 3.2 of EN 13869:2016 varied by omitting all the words after “five years”)

Disposable cigarette lighter means a flame-producing device that:

  1. is designed to light cigarettes, cigars and pipes; and
  2. is designed to be discarded when its fuel supply is exhausted, or incorporate a separate container of fuel that is designed to be discarded when empty, or be refillable with fuel; and
  3. is not a refillable repairable lighter within the meaning of the EN 13869:2016 if the device is designed to be refillable.

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