Vol. 1105 | 01 Oct 2019

As part of the rulemaking process required by Section 104(b) of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA), the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has approved the new ASTM F1967-19, to be incorporated in the federal regulation: 16 CFR 1215 – Safety Standard for Infant Bath Seats.

An “infant bath seat” as defined by the ASTM F 1967 standard is “an article that is used in a bath tub, sink, or similar bathing enclosure and that provides support, at a minimum, to the front and back of a seated infant during bathing by a caregiver. This does not include products that are designed or intended to retain water for bathing.”

The ASTM F1967-19 is the second revision to the standard since the commission adopted ASTM F1967-13 in a direct final rule.

The revisions from the ASTM F1967-13 to the ASTM F1967-19 version of the standard were to provide clarity in test methods and standard, along with editorial changes. The significant changes are as follows:

  • New definitions for ‘conspicuous,’ ‘double action release system,’ ‘installation components’ and ‘protective component’ added to provide clarity for requirements.
  • Stability test method moves the note about tip-overs into the actual performance requirements to better identify failures.
  • The stability test method has four significant changes to clarify testing conditions:
    • New tub fixture test platform drawings correcting previous errors
    • Added test surface #3 to test new products using the sides and end walls for placement
    • Clarifying application of the 17lb force in a perpendicular direction to the test bar to ensure the bar does not move from deflection by the product
    • Usage of two name-brand over-the-counter baby wash solutions since the initially specified manufacturer of the solution is no longer in business
  • Added test surface #3 reference to the latching and locking mechanism tests, static load and suction cup tests for testing new products using the sides and end walls for placement
  • Clarification to the static load section allowing for selection of any of the appropriate test surface based on the product

The revised ASTM F1967-19 standard becomes the mandatory Safety Standard for Infant Bath Seats effective December 22, 2019, unless the CPSC receive any adverse comments by October 21, 2019. Infant bath seats manufactured on and after December 22, 2019 will require testing per ASTM F1967-19 for Certification as per 16 CFR 1110 rule.

The Final Rule can be reviewed at: https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR-2019-09-20/pdf/2019-19965.pdf

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