Vol. 1004 | 03 Jan 2018

The Commonwealth of Australia has published Consumer Goods (Swimming and Flotation Aids) Safety Standard 2017. From 20 Dec 2019, flotation aids shall comply with the standard.

A flotation aid is defined as an article:

  1. designed for children under 14 years of age; and
  2. to be worn on or attached to the user’s body, or sat in by the user, for the purpose of enabling them to gain confidence through water familiarisation, or to assist them in acquiring unaided buoyancy through swimming tuition; and
  3. that is not any of the following:
    1. a flotation toys;
    2. an unattached flotation devices;
    3. an article designed only for therapeutic use;
    4. an article designed for use by disabled persons;
    5. a personal flotation device for use in boating or other recreational water activities.

The flotation aid shall comply with the Australian standard AS/NZS 1900:2014 Flotation aids for water familiarization and swimming tuition with variations as below:

  • Aligning Clause 1.1 and Clause 1.4.1 with the definition of flotation aid above.
  • Omitting
    • clause 1.4.3 Definition of Flotation toy,
    • clause 2.1.1 General design requirement -- Security of fit
    • last sentence of Clause 2.8 Inflatable flotation aids requirement in relation to clause 2.1.1

In the transition period before 20 Dec 2019, flotation aids may comply with either:

  • Consumer Goods (Swimming and Flotation Aids) Safety Standard 2017 or
  • Consumer Product Safety Standard for Swimming Aids for Water Familiarisation and Swimming Tuition (Consumer Protection Notice No.3 of 2009)

From 20 Dec 2019, Consumer Protection Notice No.3 of 2009 will be repealed and only the new standard will be in effect.

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