Vol. 1043 | 10 Oct 2018

The Canadian Playpen Regulations first came into effect in September 1976 and underwent a significant revision in 1991. In order to address changes to playpen design and functionality over the years to better meet consumer needs and improve the safety of children, and to better align with the U.S. regulations, Health Canada proposed to revise the Playpen Regulations, SOR/2016-189, in April 2017.

Following a comment period for consultation, her Excellency the Governor General in Council, approved the new Playpens Regulations, SOR/2018-186, as published in the Canada Gazette part II on October 3, 2018.

The new regulations better align playpen requirements with the Canadian Cribs, Cradles and Bassinets Regulations as well as the American mandatory rules for bassinets and cradles and play yards and non-full size cribs. Significant changes to the regulation include:

  • New definitions added for accessory, fastener, occupant retention area, playpen and structural cover
  • Expanded toxicological requirements for surface coatings in playpens
  • Entrapment hazards requirements added for openings and accessories
  • Sleep surface maximum angle from horizontal limited to 7 degrees for all sleep products including accessories
  • Specific warnings and warning formats required for playpens and the various playpen accessories
  • Requirements specified for floor pads maximum thickness, vertical displacement and maximum spacing requirements between the pad and the sides of the product
  • Corner post height restrictions added to address strangulation hazards
  • Performance requirements added to address:
    • Stability
    • Requirements for the top rail locking and latching mechanisms
    • Side deflection and strength requirements
    • Requirements against unintentional folding
    • Height of the sides
    • Removal of the limit on number of wheels
    • Side height, mattress thickness and integrity of playpen accessories

The new regulations come into effect six months from publication date in the Canada Gazette Part II, on April 3, 2019. The effective date applies to all activities including manufacturing, importing, advertising and sale of playpens in Canada.

The approved regulation can be viewed at: http://gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p2/2018/2018-10-03/html/sor-dors186-eng.html

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