Vol. 951 | 21 Feb 2017

On February, 14, 2017, BIFMA released the 2017 version of X5.1 standard for the General Purpose Office Chairs. Outlined below are some major and minor changes to the standard, which may affect the ability of certain products to meet the BIFMA X5.1 standard.

Major Changes

  • Weight of the 95th percentile male has increased to 275 pounds (lb).
  • Swivel test – 270 lb in chair
  • Tilt mechanism test – 240 lb in chair
  • Back durability  test – 240 lb in chair
  • Caster durability – 270 lb in chair
  • Removal of the Base Static Test
  • Addition of the Structural Durability Test – Cyclic

Minor Changes That Will Still Affect Your Product

  • Back Strength Tests – 70 degree angle from the back. Type I and Type II chairs aligned. All back static tests harmonized to 150/225 lb
  • Drop Test – Center column may not touch the platform/floor during the functional drop
  • Seating durability – Drop height increased to 1.4 inches. All casters on a pedestal based oriented 90 degrees. On 4 four-leg chairs casters oriented front to back
  • Stability – Fixtures for clarification on load location points
  • Arm Strength Tests – Proof load time reduced to 15 seconds
  • Tablet arm load ease – load reduced to 55 lb and moved to 1inch from edges (worst case)

Organizations can purchase the standard by going to BIFMA.org.

Intertek is a BIFMA member with an active role on the BIFMA standards committee.


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