Vol. 944 | 13 Jan 2017

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China issued standard QB/T 2880-2016 <Children’s leather shoes>, which came into effect on Jan 1st, 2017. This standard is applicable to shoes worn by children under/equal to 14 years old.

This new standard supersedes QB/T 2880-2007, and includes the following significant technical changes:

  • The definition for primary site and secondary site added
  • Primary site: Outward side and fore part of upper, counter pocket and toe box.
    Secondary site: Inward side and back part of upper.

  • Two new test items added
  1. Upper pull out strength item added: ≥70N/cm.
  2. Safety property requirement added.
    • The shoes shall have the shanks or other rigid material for the shoes with heel higher than 20.0mm and heel breast higher than 8.0mm.  The heel breast shall be no higher than 15mm.
    • The stiffness of midsole shall comply with requirement of QB/T 4862.
    • The safety technical specifications for children's shoes shall comply with GB 30585.
  • Six items modified
  1. Appearance modified.
  2. Exemption clause added and test requirement for shoes flexing resistance modified:
    Exemption condition: The thickness on the flexing part more than 25mm or the flexing angle less than 45°after testing against GB/T 20991.
    Requirement: modified the test requirement according to the material (non-natural leather and natural leather), and added the description of appearance change.
  3. Test method and requirement for outsole hardness modified:
    Requirement: Solid outsole: 45~65 Shore A; Micro cellular foamed outsole: 45~65 Shore C.
  4. Testing rules revised
  5. Testing method of discoloration added in the annex A.
  6. The term and implementation principles of after-sale service revised.

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