Vol. 983 | 14 Aug 2017

The Turkey Ministry of Economy Product Safety and Surveillance Audit Department has announced that  it will start controlling footwear products at the customs stage on June 29, 2017.

The Import Controls will commence on July 10, 2017, and will be carried out within the framework of Regulation No. 2017/18 on the UGD announcement. In addition to the phthalate content of the footwear products, testing will be conducted to determine the content of DOT (Dioctyltin) and Cr VI (Chromium VI).

The Turkey Ministry of Economy will conduct control of footwear products at the customs stage before customs clearance.

According to the announcement, footwear products shall be subjected to control for below restrictions during the customs stage. 

  • Cr VI (Chromium VI): Leather components of footwear that may come in contact with the skin cannot be placed on the market where any of these leather parts contain Chromium VI in  a concentration of equal to or greater than 3 mg/kg.
  • DOT (Dioctyltin): Components of footwear except metals intended to come into contact with skin shall not have DOT concentration more than 0.1%.

Parameters for Footwear Inspection

Test methods





<Sum 0.1%

DOT (Dioctyltin) content

ISO/TS 16179:2012


Cr VI (Chromium VI)

ISO 17075-1:2017

≤3 ppm

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