Vol. 980 | 10 Jul 2017

On 10th July 2017, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) announced the addition of a new a Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) to the Candidate List.

The addition is perfluorohexane-1-sulfonic acid and its salts (PFHxS). These substances may be used as a surfactant and wetting agent.

Producers and importers of articles containing a substance included in the Candidate List have six months from the date of the announcement to notify ECHA if the following conditions apply:

  • the substance is present in those articles in quantities over one tonne per producer or importer per year, and
  • the substance is present in those articles above a concentration of 0.1% weight by weight.

In addition, the suppliers of articles which contain these substances on in a concentration above 0.1% (w/w) have to provide sufficient information to allow safe use of the article to their customers or upon request, to a consumer within 45 days of the receipt of the request. This information must contain as a minimum the name of the substance.

Perfluorohexane-1-sulfonic acid and its related salts (PFHxS) is detailed below for reference:

Substance name

EC number

CAS number

SVHC property


Examples of use(s)

Perfluorohexane-1-sulfonic acid and its salts (PFHxS)



vPvB (Article 57e)

Not yet registered under REACH. May be used as a plasticiser, lubricant, surfactant, wetting agent, corrosion inhibitor and in fire-fighting foams.

This addition brings the total number of SVHCs on the list to 174. The full candidate list of SVHCs is linked below:

The notification by ECHA is contained in the link below:

For additional information please contact:

Mike Redshaw
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