Vol. 967 | 08 May 2017

The EU recently published Directive 2017/774 that amends Appendix C of the EU Toys Safety Directive by including restrictions on phenol in specific toys. Appendix C of Annex II of 2009/48/EC lists specific limit values for chemicals used in toys intended for children under 36 months or in other toys intended to be placed in the mouth.

Primary Changes:

From 4 November 2018, polymeric materials in toys subject to Appendix C will be subject to a migration limit for phenol of 5 mg/l when tested in accordance with EN 71-10:2005 and EN 71-11:2005.

From the same date, phenol is subject to a maximum concentration of 10 mg/kg as a preservative when tested in accordance with EN 71-10:2005 and EN 71-11:2005.


Phenol is classified under Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 as mutagenic category 2. It is a monomer used in the manufacture of certain plastics as well as arising from the breakdown of phenolic antioxidants in polymers and has been found in children’s plastic toys such as tents, bath toys and inflatable toys.

It could also be present as a preservative in water-based liquid toys such as bubble-blowing liquids and inks.

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