Vol. 965 | 26 Apr 2017

On 30 March 2017, the Eurasian Economic Commission has published the decision to amend the Technical Regulation on Safety of Toys (TR CU 008/2011). The amendment will be effective from 30 March 2018.

Below are the highlights of the amendment:

  • Magnet toys:

    For loose magnets and magnetic elements of toys, the magnetic flux index shall not be more than 0.5 T2mm2 (50kG2mm2) or such magnets shall be sized to prevent them from being swallowed and entering in the upper airways.

    The packaging and instructions for use of magnet toys shall carry the following warning, excluding the toys with the functional magnets in electrical or electronic components of toys only: [see example below]

    Warning example

    (means: Attention! Contains loose magnets and magnetic elements. Use only under the supervision of adults. If the magnets and magnetic elements are swallowed, seek medical assistance immediately.)
  • Swings:

    The swings shall be firm and secure; the swing seats shall be designed to prevent children under 3 years of age from falling off.

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