Vol. 902 | 29 Mar 2016

In order to strengthen the overall quality supervision of import and export commodities, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and the interests of the state, the General Administration of Quality supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (AQSIQ) launched supervision and inspection on uncatalogued imported and export commodities in 2015. Local inspection and quarantine bureaus implemented inspections at ports, domestic market, cross-border e-commerce, distribution centers and where they are used, manufacturers and distribution center, especially for the highly-risk products with quality issues that cause concern for consumers. The inspections were implemented according to mandatory standards and unqualified products were disposed of according to relevant laws and regulations.

The inspections involved 12 kinds of key products in three categories including household appliances, LED lamps, functional garments, home textiles, students’ supplies, food contact articles and others. The spot check inspected 6,703 batches of imported and exported commodities nationally. Of these, 2,497 batches were found to be unqualified and the failure rate was 37.3% (38.9% for imported products; 32.6% for exported products).

The failure rates for imported products follow by category: functional garments = 38.7%; children’s garments = 30.7%; home textiles = 40.3%; students’ supplies = 44.6%; and food contact articles = 49.7%.

The failure rates for exported products follow by category: LED lamps = 75.8%; household appliances = 44.7%; and garments = 16.8%.

A large number of  imported products were inspected from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Germany and Italy; resulting in a high failure rate of 42.0%. The primary failures occurred in the students’ supplies category due to the unqualified labeling.

Overall, the quality status of imported consumer goods was not satisfactory among all inspected products. Among 4,086 batches of imported consumer goods such as garments, food contact articles, students’ supplies, etc., the failure rate was 37.8%, which was 4.7% higher than exported consumer goods.

All unqualified products inspected were disposed of by AQSIQ according to relevant laws and regulations.

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