Vol. 903 | 30 Mar 2016

As part of the rulemaking process required by Section 104(b) of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) voted unanimously to approve new federal regulation 16 CFR 1233 Safety Standard for Portable Hook-On Chairs.

The rule adopts the existing ASTM standard, F1235-15 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Portable Hook-On Chairs, without any changes. As described within the scope of the ASTM F1235-15 standard, a “Portable Hook-On Chair” is:

  • A chair intended for the purpose of seating and holding a child who can remain in a seated position due to his or her own coordination.
  • Usually a legless seat constructed to locate the occupant at a table in such a position and elevation so that the surface of the table can be used as the feeding surface for the occupant.
  • Supported solely by the table on which it is mounted. These chairs are intended for use by children between the ages of six months and three years and who weigh no more than 37 lb (16.8 kg) (95th percentile male at three years).

The ASTM F1235-15 standard addresses general safety requirements such as sharp points, sharp edges, locking and latching mechanisms, scissoring, shearing and pinching, marking and labeling, instructional literature, etc., as well as specific performance requirements for hook-on chairs including:

  • Chair Drop Test
  • Static Load Test
  • Seat and Seat Back Disengagement Test
  • Chair Bounce Test
  • Chair Pull/Push Test
  • Restraint System Functionality
  • Openings and Crotch Restraint System Evaluations

The effective date of the rule is September 28, 2016. Portable hook-on chairs manufactured on and after this date must meet the requirements of 16 CFR 1233. Additionally, the certification for the hook-on chairs manufactured on and after September 28, 2016, must be based on testing performed at a CPSC accepted third-party laboratory.

The Final Rule can be viewed at: https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2016-03-28/pdf/2016-06769.pdf


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