Vol. 922 | 04 Aug 2016

On 29 July 2016, the industry code for consumer goods that contain button batteries is published by Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC). The industry code is intended to provide a guide to reduce child exposure incidents relating to the consumer use of button batteries in Australia.

For the consumer goods requiring replaceable button batteries which is likely to be accessible to young children:

  1. The button batteries must not be accessible to young children under normal use or reasonably foreseeable misuses
  2. The button batteries must not be accessible without the aid of a tool unless the cover of their compartment can only be opened by applying at less two independent and simultaneous movements
  3. The information must be available at point of sale to indicate the consumer goods requires button batteries to operate which could be hazardous to young children. For example:
    Warning: Contains coin/button battery. Hazardous if swallowed

For the consumer goods that the button batteries not intended to be replaced by the consumer, the button batteries must not be accessible when the consumer goods are subjected to normal use and reasonably foreseeable misuse. And must also not be accessible without the use of a tool that would be expected to be used by a technician.

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