Vol. 840 | 24 Jul 2015

On July 17, 2015, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a direct final rule1 along with a proposed rule2 exempting unfinished and untreated wood from tree trunks from ASTM F963-11 Section 4.3.5: Heavy Elements testing requirements. Thus untreated and unfinished wood from tree trunks used in toys will not require testing at a CPSC-accepted third-party laboratory for certification.

The determination to exempt untreated and unfinished tree trunk from heavy metals testing requirement was based on literature research performed by an outside contractor hired by the CPSC. Along with unfinished and untreated wood, the contractor researched bamboo, beeswax, undyed and untreated fibers and textiles, and uncoated or coated paper, to evaluate if these materials could also be exempted from ASTM F963 heavy metals testing requirement. The literature reviewed by the contractor provided sufficient information to determine that among the materials researched, only unfinished and untreated wood from tree trunks does not contain the heavy elements in concentrations above the limits stated in ASTM F963-11, and hence can be exempted from heavy elements testing requirements.

The rule defines unfinished and untreated wood as wood harvested from the trunks of trees with no added surface coatings (such as varnish, paint, shellac, or polyurethane) and no materials added to the wood substrate (such as, stains, dyes, preservatives, antifungals, or insecticides). Unfinished and untreated wood does not include manufactured or engineered woods (such as pressed wood, plywood, particle board, or fiberboard).

The direct final rule goes in effect on September 15, 2015, unless the CPSC receives significant adverse comment on the rule by August 17, 2015.


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