Vol. 870 | 05 Nov 2015

The draft GB standard on general requirements for sunglasses and sunglare filters was recently released for public consultation. It is applicable to all plano power sunglasses, sun glare filters, and clip-ons for general use, including road use and driving, intended for protection against solar radiation. According to this draft standard, it is modified from ISO 12312-1:2013, Eye and face protection - Sunglasses and related eyewear - Part 1: Sunglasses for general use.

Following are the proposed mandatory requirements:

  • Transmittance, including:
    • transmittance and filter categories
    • uniformity of luminous transmittance
    • requirements for road use and driving
    • wide angle scattering
    • additional transmittance requirements for photochromic filters and polarizing filters
    • claimed transmittance properties
  • Refractive power, including:
    • spherical and astigmatic power
    • prism imbalance (relative prism error)
  • Increased endurance of sunglasses
  • Frame deformation and retention of filters
  • Resistance to solar radiation
  • Resistance to ignition
  • Performance of coating layers, including:
    • resistance to perspiration
    • adhesion of coating layers
  • Coverage area of sunglasses


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