20 Mar 2024

Boxborough, MA: Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, is proud to announce its approval as a Third-Party Verifier (3PV) to perform audits in compliance with the Better Cotton Chain of Custody standard.

The Better Cotton Chain of Custody standard is a comprehensive approach focused on capturing a detailed range of route to market data, allowing brands to trace their cotton products from the country of origin right through to the clothing rail.

Intertek's Better Cotton auditing services play a key role in supporting parts of the supply chain such as farmers, ginners, merchants, middlemen, traders, mills, manufacturers, sourcing agents, retailers and brands involved in buying or selling cotton or fulfilling Better Cotton Mass Balance orders.

This achievement underscores Intertek's commitment to enhancing the sustainability and responsibility of the global cotton sector and its entire supply chain, aligning with Better Cotton’s mission to drive improvements in the industry for people, the environment and the future prosperity of the sector more broadly.

"We are pleased to extend our services in sustainability and ethical sourcing auditing to include Better Cotton’s Chain of Custody audits and verification," stated Calin Moldovean, President, Intertek Business Assurance, Food Services, and Assuris. "This marks a significant milestone in our journey towards promoting sustainable practices across global industries. Through our Better Cotton auditing services, we aim to empower all stakeholders throughout the cotton supply chain to achieve the highest standards of production and sourcing of ethical, traceable and sustainable cotton. This commitment aligns with our mission to bring quality, safety and sustainability to life, ensuring our partners benefit from our science-based and forward-thinking auditing experience."

“By partnering with Better Cotton, we are helping to foster transparency and trust from farm to final product. This commitment helps to bolster consumer and retailer confidence, reinforcing our mission to advance responsible practices in the cotton industry,” said Nellie Cunningham, Intertek Global Program Manager – Textile Exchange, Business Assurance.

Intertek’s bespoke solutions extend beyond standard audits, emphasising capacity building and continuous improvement in the dynamic cotton industry. The company leverages its rich history in sustainability and traceability audits to empower producers, suppliers, manufacturers, brands and retailers to meet the rigorous requirements of the Better Cotton Chain of Custody standard.

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