Intertek expands corrosion and materials testing capabilities at Manchester Centre of Excellence

June 20, 2023

Manchester, UK - Intertek, a leading total quality assurance provider to industries worldwide, has announced today a significant investment in its Manchester production and integrity assurance centre of excellence, which specialises in advanced corrosion consultancy and testing.

This specialist business line, which has 50 years' experience providing a full range of materials and corrosion services, has invested in a new suite of Instron Electropuls E10000 electrically actuated load frames. These versatile machines significantly increase testing capabilities by introducing torsional force application and enabling uniaxial (tension or compression) or bend testing of lighter weight, lower strength materials.

Installed in a dedicated laboratory, the new rigs can accommodate humidity control chambers with temperature ranges of -196°C to 350°C. All frames are compatible with Intertek’s established autoclave testing facilities for corrosion testing of high strength metallics at high pressures, temperatures, and corrosive environments including toxic and acidic gases.

This new investment uses the latest technology to offer a cutting-edge service to Intertek's client base across the energy, transport, aerospace, marine, manufacturing and infrastructure sectors helping clients to ensure they use the appropriate material for their service environment.

In addition, the new equipment supports the lab's sustainability strategy as it uses around 75% less energy than servo-hydraulic machines.

Tim Walsh, Director P&IA, said “We are delighted to have completed this important investment in our Manchester lab. Our customers trust us to understand and solve their challenges relating to corrosion, materials and integrity, and this new equipment is integral in supporting our global customer base with advanced materials testing in an everchanging market."

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Charlotte Leleu
Regional Marketing Manager – Europe, Central Asia (ECA)
Intertek Caleb Brett, Exploration & Production, Minerals & Agri

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Graeme Dicken
Director Corrosion & Materials Testing
Production & Integrity Assurance

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