20 Mar 2023

Abu Dhabi, UAE – Intertek Cristal, a market leading global health, safety, quality, and security risk management business focused on the travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors, announced today that it has awarded the Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel and Resort five different certifications, based on the Intertek Cristal standards of health and safety, hygiene, water safety and food safety requirements.

Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel and Resort, which is classified as a historic building in Abu Dhabi while also offering a modern luxury experience, partnered with Intertek Cristal to establish proactive risk management systems that ensure the safety and wellbeing of its guests, visitors, and employees, using Intertek Cristal’s five risk management modules specially designed for the sector. Intertek certified Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel and Resort for RoomCheck, AquaCheck, PoolCheck, FoodCheck, and FireCheck, following a six-month process of independent audits to verify the effectiveness and compliance with these standards.

Famously known for its Abu Dhabi Corniche location and restaurants, Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel and Resort’s certification initiative helped the management identify health and safety-related risks, and assisted it in effectively planning, prioritizing, and managing the property’s protocols across its operations. From room cleanliness to food hygiene, water supply, and pool and fire safety systems, Intertek worked closely with the management team to implement best practices across all of these these functions.

Samir Ahmed, Managing Director of Intertek Cristal, Checkpoint and Assuris said: “The hospitality industry understands that changes resulting from the pandemic are here to stay. Business travelers and tourists are favoring properties that give peace of mind when it comes to higher safety and hygiene standards. Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel and Resort has proactively responded by making health, safety, and hygiene a top priority. Working concurrently on five certifications and acquiring them is a remarkable achievement which demonstrates a strong commitment from the management team and employees. We commend them for taking action that gives guests and employees the assurance they need across a range of different vital services in the property.”

Ziad El Nakib, General Manager at Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel and Resort, said: “Health, safety, and wellbeing have become top concerns for both global and regional travelers. Applying for five certifications at the same time could have been a complex process, but the team at Intertek Cristal handled the process with utmost care and professionalism. This proactive risk management system based on Intertek Cristal standards will enable us to offer best guest experience, win customer confidence, and sustain business growth. For that, we are delighted and grateful.”

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