Intertek Awards CB and ETL Certificates to GE’s FLEXRESERVOIR Technology

November 08, 2022

Shanghai – Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, recently awarded IEC 62619 CB and IEC 63056 CB Certificates, ETL Certificate (UL 1973) and UL 9540A Testing Report to GE’s FLEXRESERVOIR technology, the lithium battery energy storage system developed by GE’s Renewable Hybrids business, a subsidiary of General Electric Company (hereinafter referred to as “GE”). This certification will enable FLEXRESERVOIR’s innovative technology to enter the international energy market.

The FLEXRESERVOIR is a systems integrated battery energy storage and power electronics solution for multiple configurations and market applications.

Prakash Chandra, Renewable Hybrids CEO, GE Renewable Energy, says: “As wind and solar power generation continues to grow, energy storage solutions will be crucial for companies to achieve their decarbonization goals and will play an important role in the energy transition. With our FLEXRESERVOIR product certification, we intend to contribute significantly to enabling the expansion of the energy industry.”

The FLEXRESERVOIR is a key component of GE’s Renewable Hybrids FLEX portfolio, designed to solve customer needs through multiple applications to enable dispatchable and green MWhs. It also includes the FLEXINVERTER and the FLEXIQ technologies. FLEXINVERTER is an integrated power conversion solution for solar and battery energy storage applications. FLEXIQ is a digital platform that provides design, operation, and fleet management solutions to enable grid compliance and maximize lifetime customer value. GE announced in February 2022 the opening of the Chennai Production site in India, which today manufactures the FLEXINVERTER and FLEXRESERVOIR products. It also facilitates their integration with the FLEXIQ offering, from GE’s newly launched FLEX portfolio, designed to solve customer needs through multiple applications to enable dispatchable and green MWhrs.

With government policies aiming to facilitate the development of the energy storage industry currently emerging across the world, investment in the sector is increasing at scale. In turn, the energy storage industry worldwide has expanded rapidly.

The certificates were awarded by Intertek to GE’s battery energy storage cluster for industrial and commercial use, which is designed to provide modular and scalable energy storage solutions to large ground-based power plants. Before issuing the certificates strictly in line with the applicable European and American criteria (IEC and UL standards), Intertek evaluated and tested the technology embedded in the system regarding various aspects of electrical safety, battery safety, environmental adaptation, functional safety, fire safety and others. It has also conducted a comprehensive, end-to-end evaluation of quality control, process control and technology.

Mr. Max Jin, General Manager of Intertek Electrical, Northeast China, said: “Intertek has worked with with GE in many fields for over 20 years, such as HVAC equipment, household appliances, industrial machinery, oil and gas inspection products, transportation products, lighting products, medical devices, wind power generation, green energy, etc. Intertek has supported the smooth access of GE products into the global industry by offering sound technology verification services and solutions across various sectors, including technical training, electrical safety assessment/testing/certification and energy efficiency testing and beyond. Today, we once again witness the fruits of the effective cooperation between Intertek and GE, namely, the awarding of CE and ETL certificates to GE’s lithium battery energy storage system, providing total peace of mind and supporting GE’s battery energy storage cluster’s access to the international arena.

CB & ETL Certificates - GE
Dr. Gu Yanfei of GE and Mr. Max Jin,
General Manager of Intertek Electrical and Electronic Northeast China,
attended the certificate awarding ceremony.

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Intertek is a leading Total Quality Assurance provider with a network of authorized laboratories across the world. Intertek energy storage system and converter laboratories, equipped with a full set of professional testing equipment and senior testing engineers, are globally accredited by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service), A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation), NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory), SAA(Australia), MNRE (India), INMETRO (Brazil), NOM (Mexico) and BSMI (Taiwan Province of the PRC) to provide testing and certification services for batteries, converters/inverters, and energy storage products to improve access to the global market. Intertek (Shanghai) Laboratory is capable of testing and certificating all the standards on batteries and energy storage for consumer and industrial use, such as IEC62619、IEC63056、IEC62477-1、IEC62040-1、UL1973、UL2580、UL2271, UL2743、UL 9540、UL 9540A、UL1741, etc., and provides CB and ETL certification services for the customers in the energy storage field.