Intertek Launches Innovative Digital Chemical Management Platform ToxClear Delivering End-to-End Total Chemical Assurance to Detox Fashion Supply Chains

May 10, 2022

Hong Kong – Intertek (or the “Group”), a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, is pleased to announce the launch of ToxClear, an innovative digital chemical management platform for fashion industry stakeholders to detox their supply chains by reducing hazardous chemicals used in the input, process, and output stages.

Leveraging Intertek’s extensive experience in chemical management, ToxClear offers end-to-end Total Chemical Assurance solutions to deliver safer, cleaner and more sustainable supply chains. This solution allows brands and their supply chain partners to make good on their commitments when managing and offering transparency across their chemical production and usage.

Sustainability is the movement of our time. It is also a strategic focus of many fashion brands and suppliers today. According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the fashion industry accounts for approximately 20% of water pollution worldwide. Chemical management is the key to detox fashion supply chains as hazardous chemicals can easily be discharged into waters and oceans during the manufacturing processes, such as dyeing and finishing.

As a contributor of ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals), a widely recognized industry organization to make manufacturing processes more sustainable, Intertek has played a key part in the development of the Roadmap to Zero Programme. The Group shares and is committed to ZDHC’s vision of achieving widespread implementation of sustainable chemistry and best practices in the fashion industry to protect consumers, workers and the environment.

With this vision in mind and to enable the Group’s customers to gain chemical inventory visibility within their supply chains, Intertek has developed ToxClear, a digital chemical management platform that connects with ZDHC Gateway - a Chemical Module for real-time ZDHC MRSL conformance data mapping and generation of ZDHC Performance InCheck Reports* - providing total traceability and transparency of chemicals used across complex supply chains. The platform enables chemical inventory data exchange and communications between brands and suppliers seamlessly, 24/7.

Brand users can have full visibility on suppliers’ chemical inventories and effortlessly evaluate their ZDHC MRSL Conformance performance. Supplier users can manage the chemical inventories of multiple facilities, have full visibility on their chemical conformance performance for continuous improvement, and generate ZDHC Performance InCheck Reports. The ultimate goal is to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals.

Christina Law, President of Global Softlines and Hardlines, Intertek, commented: “The launch of ToxClear shows the commitment of Intertek in providing innovative, comprehensive solutions for our customers. We are deeply committed to sustainability and so are our clients. Our focus is on walking the sustainability journey with them, offering impactful operational sustainability solutions and digital tools to deliver more traceable, transparent, responsible, and sustainable supply chains.”

With this innovative new platform, Intertek strengthens its position as the world’s leading Total Chemical Assurance provider through cutting edge, science-based technology. Coupled with an extensive global network of ZDHC approved Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) chemical testing and wastewater testing laboratories, Intertek offers end-to-end Total Chemical Assurance through testing, auditing and training, helping organizations to drive hazardous-chemicals-free production.

*ZDHC Performance InCheck is an easy-to-read performance report that demonstrates the ZDHC MRSL conformance of a facility’s chemical inventory.

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