Intertek Releases Think Green Initiative 3.0

May 04, 2022

London: Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, is pleased to announce they have released the Think Green Initiative 3.0 (TGI) audit programme as part of their commitment to helping companies tackle climate change. TGI works to identify, assess, and view metrics, best practices and emerging technologies that advance on important aspects of environmental performance related to management systems, greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water usage, waste generation, hazardous substances, and product life cycle.

As companies increasingly view their business strategies, investments, and business models through the lens of environmental sustainability, they have come to appreciate the extent to which their supply chains account for the largest potential positive impact contributions to a healthier planet. Companies are seeking to engage with suppliers to align commitments, set high standards, monitor suppliers’ sustainability performance and hold them accountable for it to achieve ambitious sustainability goals aligned with industry and science-based targets. Intertek’s End-to-End Supply Chain Assurance solution is a valuable way to identify high risk suppliers, map the supply chain, benchmark supplier performance on the ground, and provide insights for more effective sustainability training and capacity building.

The TGI Programme includes:

  • Auditing facilities
  • Setting SMART targets for water and energy consumption, solid waste, wastewater, air emissions, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, and more
  • Setting best practices surrounding a facility’s environmental performance, renewable energy sources, energy management system, and other factors
  • Discussion of emerging technologies to help with conserving or recycling water, saving energy, improving quality of discharged wastewater, reduce or reuse wastewater, and ways to improve quality or reduce quantity of air pollutants

Implementing the TGI programme as part of a strategy for supply chain environmental performance can deliver measurable environmental benefits that the company and its stakeholders will welcome. On average TGI small to medium suppliers are making $182,000 energy savings per year, reducing their solid waste by an additional 10% and seeing ways to invent and reuse as much as 50% of their wastewater. On top of these substantial cost savings, it can help companies better position themselves for tomorrow’s world of higher disclosure and investor scrutiny, more sustainability focused consumers, and scarcer resources.

Calin Moldovean, Intertek President of Business Assurance and Food Services said, “I am very pleased with the updated TGI programme. The pressing issues of today’s supply chain increasingly involve environmental and sustainability efforts coupled with vast global value chains and complex business partners. The updated TGI programme is a great risk-based solution that integrates with many of Intertek’s supply chain services.”

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