Intertek Maison Sessioni Launches Second Webinar on Elevating Luxury Through Artisanship and Innovation

January 17, 2022

Maison, Intertek’s Centre of Excellence dedicated to the luxury and premium industries, hosted the second episode of its Maison Sessioni webinar series that explores the luxury and fashion world’s most pressing questions.

Maison, a high-tech physical experiential space, is also a virtual zone for connecting people, ideas, experiences and trends to generate discussions for the future of luxury. Leveraging Intertek’s unrivalled industry insight, the Maison Sessioni series brings together Intertek experts and key industry players to discuss the future of luxury and explore the connection between creativity and science.

Artisanship has long been a hallmark of luxury, from embroidery and ceramics to haute couture fashion, and yet it is often not associated with luxury in the mind of the consumer. In this webinar “Elevating Luxury through Artisanship and Innovation” our leading panel of four industry experts discussed the importance of artisanship for the fashion industry, the challenges Artisans face in a changing world, Artisanship’s relationship to innovation and how Artisans and Designers need to work together to take luxury products to a remarkable new level. The four experts included:

  • Michela Finaurini, Fabrics & Embroidery Research Expert
  • Maria Elena Viggiano, Contributor at Il Corriere della Sera
  • Francesco Conticelli, Bottega Conticelli
  • Alessandro Ferracino, Intertek Regional Director, Italy & France Business Assurance

The webinar marked the completion of Intertek’s Maison Masters programme, a pioneering initiative designed to bring together small-scale artisans and Intertek’s luxury business partners. (Discover more about Maison Masters on

Elena Ruffino, SE+EERCA Sales & Strategy Director SL&HL, said: "We are delighted to launch the second episode of Maison Sessioni, promoting the value of traditional artisan practices and the legacy of the ‘Made In Italy’ brand. Intertek’s Maison Centre of excellence plays the crucial role of connecting our luxury business partners with small-scale artisan practices, and our expertise means we can provide Quality Assurance services to support business - big and small - that guarantee quality, sustainability and ultimately better products and services for the world."

Intertek has been a trusted partner to the world’s leading brands, manufacturers and distributors in the fashion and textiles industry for 130 years with a wide range of Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification services with everything from footwear chemical testing to functional textiles testing, physical performance evaluation and more. With over 1,000 labs across the world, we have unparalleled knowledge and expertise on all global regulations and trends.

Watch the webinar here in English:

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