17 Dec 2021

Lowell, MA: Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, is pleased to announce the offering of a training programme based on the ISO 26000:2010 Guidance on Social Responsibility. ISO 26000 is a reference document designed to give guidance to organisations to implement social responsibility and thus contribute to a company’s overall environmental, social, and economic development. It provides organisations with a set of societal expectations of what constitutes responsible behaviour based on authoritative international instruments. It further helps integrate the sustainability efforts and social responsibilities as they relate to other management systems.

ISO 26000 is based on the following seven core subjects: organisational governance, human rights, labour practices, environmental responsibility, fair operating procedures, consumer issues, and community involvement & development.

Intertek’s GAP assessments ensure an organisation’s management system follows the ISO 26000 guidance. Intertek also offers training sessions for top management focused on:

  • Guidance on how social responsibility performance can be integrated at a strategic level within the organisation
  • An overview of ISO 26000 general requirements, stakeholders’ identification, and engagement
  • How to identify significant and relevant issues

Calin Moldovean, Intertek President of Business Assurance, Food Services and Assuris said, “I am so pleased with our programme that follows the guidance provided by ISO 26000. Social responsibility and sustainable development is increasingly important to our customers, stakeholders, and other business partners. As a leading provider of sustainability services, Intertek is listening to its clients’ needs and helping them on their journey to become socially responsible.”

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