11 May 2021

Lowell MA USA - Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, is pleased to announce it has been accredited to provide independent third-party certification of the Organic Content Standard (OCS). The OCS is an international, voluntary standard that provides verification that one or more input materials in a final product is organically grown. Intertek’s accreditation scope covers the entire supply chain, excluding first processors (from farm to cotton gin). Individual sites are certified by independent, third-party certification bodies using annual audits.

The goal of the OCS is to increase organic agriculture production, delivered through three key objectives:

  • Provide the industry with a tool to verify the organically grown content of the products they purchase
  • Provide companies with a trusted tool to communicate organically grown content claims to the industry
  • Provide organic fiber farmers with broad access to the global organic market for their products

Calin Moldovean, President, Business Assurance and Food Services, said, “Consumers are increasingly making decisions based on the sustainability steps that brands are taking and it is essential that brands can show their customers the choices they make in their supply chain. We are proud to provide OCS certification, and along with our SourceClear platform we provide traceability of content claims in the supply chain, and enable our customers to demonstrate their sustainability commitments with confidence, while helping conscious consumers make better informed product choices towards a sustaining future."

The OCS is owned and managed by Textile Exchange. The goal of Textile Exchange certifications is to drive sustainability in the textile industry and encourage use of recycled, organic, and/or preferred materials in products to reduce/eliminate the harm caused by its production.

Intertek is already accredited for other Textile Exchange Standards: Global Recycled Standard (GRS), Recycled Content Standard (RCS) and Content Claim Standard (CCS).

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