04 May 2021

Scientific and regulatory experts provide on-the-ground support

Mississauga, ON – Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, is pleased to announce the expansion of its Health, Environmental, & Regulatory Consultancy (HERS) business line into Russia and Spain.

Intertek’s HERS business line is renowned for its high-quality solutions that are delivered through its global network of world-class scientific, engineering, and regulatory experts. As a result of the expansion, Intertek is well positioned to support international companies and their raw materials suppliers in gaining access to the Russian and Spanish markets.

HERS solutions in these regions will focus on the following industries: chemicals, agri & biocides, health & beauty products (cosmetics, personal care products, sanitizers), food & nutrition, packaging & food contact, and consumer goods. The expansion complements Intertek’s existing testing services and offers clientele on the-ground regulatory support, scientific insights, and advice for neighboring markets, playing an integral part of a global product approval strategy.

Ayush Dhital, Global Business Line Leader said: “The expansion of our HERS business line into Russia and Spain will provide greater depth and flexibility to our service offering, enabling us to meet the ever-changing needs of our global clients, address scientific challenges, and comply with regulatory obligations in a timely and efficient manner. As a global service provider, we are committed to providing our clients with service that is easily accessible and delivered in their local language.”

Additionally, HERS offers industry agnostic services pertaining to sustainability, quality, and safety. Working with Intertek, companies are empowered to mitigate intrinsic risks and identify regulatory requirements in order to make informed decisions relating to their products, processes, and the impact on humans and the environment.

To learn more about the full range of HERS consulting services: www.intertek.com/green/

For Media Information

Please contact:
Tracy Veale, Global Marketing Manager, Health Environmental & Regulatory Services (HERS)
T: +1 905 542 2900
E: tracy.veale@intertek.com

For Technical Information

For Russia, please contact:
Natalia Borisova, Scientific & Regulatory Consultant, HERS
T: +7 495 933 85 45
E: natalia.borisova@intertek.com

For Spain, please contact:
Olga Casas, Regulatory Expert Project Manager, Spain & Portugal, HERS
T: +34 687181183
E: olga.casas@intertek.com

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