27 Apr 2021

Intertek Maison Launches New Webinar Series

Lastra a Signa: Maison, Intertek’s Centre of Excellence dedicated to the luxury and premium industries, has announced the launch of Maison Sessioni, its webinar series exploring the fashion world’s most pressing questions, available on its Maison platform.

Maison, a high-tech physical experiential space, is also a virtual zone for connecting people, ideas, experiences and trends to generate discussions for the future of luxury. Leveraging Intertek’s unrivalled industry insight, the Maison Sessioni series will bring together Intertek experts and key industry players to discuss the future of the luxury and explore the connection between creativity and science for creating solutions.

In the first webinar of the series, participants heard from Fair Fashion Ambassador Marina Spadafora and Fabrics & Embroidery Research Expert Michela Finaurini, who were joined by Intertek’s Calin Moldovean, President Business Assurance & Food Services, and Mike Redshaw, Head of Technical – Global Softlines.

The webinar discussed ‘How to choose sustainable materials’ in fashion and the fashion value chain - a key concern during the creative process for designers and materials research, in compliance for product managers considering quality and sustainability and, at the end of the design and manufacturing process, to final consumers. Choosing a material is the first step in a supply chain and is the starting point for putting together a garment after the creative process. A company’s sustainable attitude becomes a deliberate action with the choice of fabric and materials, which increasingly involves more parts of the value chain – from creatives to manufacturing. Intertek’s end-to-end Total Quality solutions ensure sustainable practices at every stage of the supply chain.

The webinar helped attendees evaluate and manage the risks connected to choosing sustainable and recycled materials, and key topics addressed included:

  • Effective supply chain management and supply chain assurance
  • Leveraging science to make recycled clothing materials
  • Legislation in the textile sector and how this will impact fabric choices
  • The most desired characteristics of the fabrics of the future
  • How to account for sustainability in the creative process

The insights shared on the webinar make it clear that as the industry becomes ever more committed to creating sustainable products and to using ethical practices, there will be a greater emphasis on transparency, traceability and accountability. As a trusted partner to leading global brands with the ability to deliver end-to-end Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification, Intertek is uniquely positioned to support the fashion industry transition to more sustainable practices to ultimately deliver an appealing, high-quality and sustainable product.

Elena Ruffino, SE+EERCA Sales & Strategy Director SL&HL, said “We are thrilled to be launching Maison Sessoni, building on Intertek Maison’s purpose of offering an innovative space for connecting people and ideas, generating discussions about the future of luxury. As part of this new webinar series, leading experts will share their experiences and insights on the key trends and questions in the world of fashion, exploring the synergies between creativity and science and how these can be harnessed to solve the industry’s toughest challenges.”

Intertek has been a trusted partner to the world’s leading brands, manufacturers and distributors in the fashion and textiles industry for 130 years with a wide range of Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification services with everything from footwear chemical testing to functional textiles testing, physical performance evaluation and more. With over 1,000 labs across the world, we have unparalleled knowledge and expertise on all global regulations and trends.

Over 1,000 guests attended the webinar and were invited to engage in a Q&A session at the conclusion of the presentation with industry experts and Intertek’s TQA subject matter experts.

The webinar is available on demand as of tomorrow, April 28, on maison.intertek.com and at:

About Intertek Maison

Based in Florence, Italy, in the heart of the garment manufacturing district, Intertek Maison is the Intertek home for luxury and premium brands. It is designed to take new, original, ideas from inspiration to reality and offers a unique, technologically advanced venue for events, ideas and collaboration – supported by the research, design and quality assurance expertise of its adjacent world class laboratories. maison.intertek.com/

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